Tiger Rockfish

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Sebastes nigrocinctus

Tiger rockfish are also known as the "black-banded rockfish". "Sebastes" means "magnificent", and "nigrocinctus" means "black" and "girdle" in Latin.


Size & Shape: 

Tiger rockfish can grow up to 60 cm in length. They have a down-turned mouth, and a dorsal fin with spines.

Distinctive Markings: 
Tiger rockfish have a red or pink body with five dark black or red stripes.

These rockfish are a reclusive species that likes to hide in crevices.

Life History


Tiger rockfish are found in the waters up to 300 m deep from Alaska to Southern California. They prefer steep rock faces with many crevices to hide in.

In Alaska, females spawn from February - June, peaking around April.
Did you know?: 

Tiger rockfish eat bottom-dwellers, like shrimp, crab, amphipods and other fishes.

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